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                            In recent years, the global stainless steel industry is shifting from developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan to emerging market countries represented by China. With the global industrial transfer and the continuous growth of China's economy, China's share in the world stainless steel market continues to increase. At the same time, the risk management awareness of Chinese stainless steel enterprises has not been improved correspondingly.
                            The risk is not terrible. What's terrible is that when the risk comes, we don't know yet and still stand on the sidelines. Only by improving the enterprise risk awareness and having strong risk control ability, can the enterprise continuously improve its efficiency and truly stand in an invincible position. The occurrence of risk is uncertain. If there is no strong risk awareness, once the risk occurs, the enterprise is easily at a loss and falls into passivity.
                            The risk is not far away from us. Under the "haze" of the current domestic economic prosperity, the slowdown of domestic economic growth and the international economic environment, many stainless steel enterprises have taken wrong decisions, resulting in various crises. At present, domestic stainless steel enterprises mainly have the following risks:
                            (1) Investment expansion risk. Blind expansion of investment, lack of risk assessment before investment, lack of implementation of investment responsibility, blindly pursuit of rank status.
                            (2) Enterprise internal management risk. The fund management is not strict and the financial control is weak. This not only increases the risk of the market, but also may lead to the misappropriation of public funds, corruption and other issues. Raw materials, semi-finished products, fixed assets and other management is not in place, resulting in a lot of waste.
                            (3) Market risk. The diversified investment, scale expansion and industrial integration of enterprises need to use a lot of funds. At this time, the capital chain is very tight. Once encountering market changes that are not conducive to the development of enterprises, it is very easy to cause the break of the capital chain; once the internal control system of enterprises fails, the cash flow is out of control, and it is more likely to fall into crisis.
                            Unreasonable use of funds leads to idle, waste or insufficient funds. Most enterprises often have such a misconception that the more cash, the safer the enterprise, resulting in a large number of cash failed to participate in turnover, resulting in a large number of idle capital waste; while some enterprises are lack of arrangements to use capital, blindly follow the trend of investment. For example, due to the current stainless steel market depression, many people lose confidence in stainless steel, but this round of stock market is very good. The market has climbed to 4100 points from less than 2000, which has lasted for 8 months and will continue to maintain. In the new round of wealth distribution, the stock market seems to be the most effective way to obtain reform dividend. People think that it's better to put money in the stock market to make more money than to make stainless steel now.
                            A basic consensus is that this bull market has its own uniqueness, because there are too many supporting factors in it and there is a trend of "normalization". The professional nature of the stock market is very strong, but in the bull market it seems that as long as you dare to enter, you will make money. In many people's eyes, the current bull market is just like collecting money for nothing, so wave after wave of people began to enter the stock market, thus creating and boosting the enthusiasm of the stock market. However, the most professional stock market also contains the basic common sense: when the market is weak, the market is falling. For those who are keen on following the trend, the risk of the stock market also needs repeated emphasis and guidance.
                            Stainless steel enterprises do not lack the wisdom to develop enterprises, but lack the corresponding risk awareness and risk management ability. In the current stainless steel market, in order to improve efficiency and achieve success, in addition to the excellent ability of operating enterprises, we must also have a high sense of risk. Only in this way, can we avoid the risk crisis of even night rain!


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