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                            The stainless steel belt used in the steel belt tightening technology in the industry of plugging with pressure needs to be tightened for a long time after being tied to the leaking part of the pipeline. If the stainless steel belt for plugging is forged on the purchase market, the stainless steel belt for plugging after being tied will be as long as the elastic belt, leading to the secondary leakage or repeated leakage of the leaking part of the pipeline. The reason for this problem is: due to the following reasons: The forged stainless steel tape for plugging does not know the manufacturing formula of the real stainless steel tape for plugging. After the ordinary 304 or 306 stainless steel plate is purchased on the market and cut, it is used as the stainless steel tape for plugging. This kind of steel tape is not produced according to the formula standard of stainless steel tape for plugging, so the hardness is not enough and the tightness is enough. The thickness of the standard stainless steel tape for plugging is 1.2mm , hardness 800, plugging stainless steel Sealing pressure with a bandwidth of 30mm 2.9MPa , because of high hardness and no elasticity, the leakage part will never change after binding. Do whatever you forge 1.5mm , hardness 400, forged plugging stainless steel band width 30mm plugging pressure 1.8MPa However, due to the limitations of its own material formula, the elastic force of the steel strip will become longer several days after binding to the pipeline leakage, resulting in repeated leakage.


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